Environmental Policy

As a firm supplying accountancy and auditing services we take seriously our responsibility to put in place measures which help reduce our carbon footprint.  We actively seek to minimise the impact of our business operations on the environment, whilst creating a safe and healthy workplace for our staff. 

A major factor steering us on this journey was the implementation several years ago of a computerised document management system. This allowed us to create and adhere to a paperless office policy. Since that time, we have invested in software technology to enable us to produce accounts, prepare tax returns and provide audit services without the need to keep printed copies.

Also, we encourage our staff members to think twice before printing emails, file note and reports. Where this is not possible, we ask that they take steps to reduce paper consumption by printing on both sides and only the pages they need.

Another significant change within our business operations was the adoption of a hybrid model of working. By allowing our staff to work from home for some of the week their need to travel and ensuing fuel emissions are reduced. 

Similarly, where practical, staff are encouraged to hold virtual meetings with clients and suppliers rather than in person. Training has been given to ensure they are conversant with popular meetings platforms.

Other inhouse measures we have put in place include:

  • Our wastepaper is sent to a local paper mill for shredding. The mill is fully registered with the Environment Agency. Once shredded, it is then baled, pulped and recycled, making the process 100% landfill free.
  • Office cleaning products are eco-friendly and fully biodegradable. They are also sourced from a local supplier.
  • We place recycle bins in each of our kitchens so rubbish can be split into general waste, plastic, cans and cardboard and compostable containers.
  • Our ‘nil to landfill’ aim extends to the recycling of our used toner cartridges. All redundant computer hardware and used batteries are also recycled.
  • Any obsolete office furniture is first offered to staff for home use before being disposed of in a manner best suited to reducing its impact on the environment.
  • Where practical, we use local suppliers to reduce the environmental impact of transporting goods and services.
  • We have recently transferred our apprenticeship training programme to our local education provider so students have less distance to travel to college on study days.
  • And, of course, we encourage staff to think about conserving energy usage around our offices by switching off lights when the facility is not is use, reducing heating to a minimum acceptable level and turning off electrical equipment when not required.

In our commitment to continually improve our environmental performance we regularly reassess these measures and pursue further sustainability opportunities within our business practices to help our staff, our clients and our planet.


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