Finance Manager - Plus

The Finance manager plus service provides all the benefits of the small business advisor but with the added benefit of management accounting to help control your finances and your achieve business goals.

Finance manager case study

The Finance Manager Plus Service takes care of your regulatory obligations and accountancy needs while helping you achieve your business goals through providing accurate, easy to understand, high quality reporting.

Reporting includes:

•    Profitability analysis
•    Growth analysis
•    KPI analysis
•    Benchmarking
•    Alert monitoring
•    Cash flow management

Increase your profitability
We provide you with regular profitability reports to ensure you are meeting your strategic objectives and then provide guidance as to what areas you need to adjust in order to achieve your business goals.

Improve efficiency
Through cost analysis we’ll show you where unnecessary costs can be cut and where improvements should be made. With benchmarking tools you’ll be able to see where you should be in comparison to your competitors and take the best course of action to meet your targets.

Optimize operational performance
You will also have access to non financial KPI analysis to ensure that the operational side of the business is performing at its optimal level.

Reduce your level of risk
With greater control over your finances from alert monitoring, cash flow forecasting and KPI analysis you will be able to identify and address risks before they become errors.

No more filing
We will set you up with a quick and easy way to scan your receipts and file them at the point of purchase digitally.

For further details please email Paul Underwood or call us on 023 9248 4356.

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What our clients say...

I would highly recommend Morris Crocker Chartered Accountants as they understand the health sector better than any other accountants I have met so far.  Their service can make a big difference to your business and add value via the statistical analysis they do with the year end accounts. Tauseef - Group Finance Manager, London

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