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You won't find many accountants put prices on their website. This can be annoying when you're trying to find the right firm for your business or personal finances but it's for a good reason as we explain here.

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A word about our fees

Businesses fall into many categories - some will be limited companies, others sole traders; some will be VAT registered or employ staff, whilst there will be those who have just started out.  Each will require different accountancy services and level of support.

This support will often be a mix of compliance and advisory services. Compliance is making sure you provide the correct figures to HMRC, and Companies House if you’re a limited company. It is this requirement that forms the basis of an accountant’s work. Advisory is the added value services that can be provided to help you grow your business and plan for the future.

In our case we tend to charge by the job for compliance work as this is easier to price than the added value services which will vary widely depending on the needs of your business. Each situation is different and the flexibility of our advisory services enable businesses to choose which offer the best solution to their particular problem and available budget.

The degree of technology used by the accountant can also affect what they charge for their services.  As accounting processes become more automated, there is less reliance on the time-driven and age old ways used in the past. You should expect an accountant who is investing in today’s digital functionality to be able to provide you with more meaningful and timely information as part of their service.     

It is worth pointing out that the more up together your business and finances are, the lower your accountancy fee should be. If you are struggling to keep good records, using an online accounting package to keep track should help. Another is for you to make sure you have timely and accurate information to hand especially when deadlines are looming.

It may sound glib to say but price shouldn’t necessarily be your only consideration. The relationship you form with your accountant should be built on trust and it’s hard to put a value on that, especially over time. Even if you don’t require many of their services at the start it is worth choosing an accountant who offers more than you initially need to enable your business to grow.


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