Are you getting the right service from your accountant? Choosing one who specialises in your area can bring significant advantages.  Not just from extra advice and expertise but a real understanding of your business challenges.

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The constantly changing nature of the NHS means there are many complex issues and challenges facing doctors.  At Morris Crocker we are in an excellent position to help you manage these, take advantage of any tax breaks and comply with new legislation.

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We’ve been specialising in accountancy for dentists and dental practices for many years. A large number of dental professionals rely on us not only to help them with their routine accountancy requirements but also improve their profitability and provide them with effective tax planning advice.

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Our tailored audit and advice services for charities and not-for-profit organisations are provided by a specialist team of accountants and geared towards increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your charity, helping it to deliver more for its beneficiaries.

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Property and Construction

With a strong emphasis on tax advice and choosing an efficient business structure, we help private investors, property developers and landlords.  Construction businesses benefit too from our outsourced services and detailed knowledge of their particular accounting issues.

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At every stage. from assessing the viability of the business, preparing a business plan and carrying out profit projections, you will have our support.  We have helped launch many successful franchisees in a wide range of industry sectors.

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Online Businesses

We have helped many online businesses to thrive. We can advise you on a range of issues, from adopting a suitable business structure through to strategic guidance on how to grow your business and operate tax efficiently.

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Fees charged on pension pot

Data published by investment adviser Moneyfarm has suggested that 50% of pension savers are unaware they are paying charges on their pension pots.


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